Monday, April 4, 2016

BRICK WALLS and how I log them.

B  Brick Walls.Genealogist will always have them. We stare at the brick wall. We pry the mortar away from each brick and look through the empty hole we created for more clues. Or we just take a deep breathe and jump over the whole brick wall and land in a fields of clues ( clover ? ).
In my One Name Study, I keep a spreadsheet in Google Docs of unidentified people that I need to fit into families. This is what it looks like.
I title each sheet by types of records accessed. I use the surname spellings as they are indexed or viewed on the records. I also insert a direct link to the source.
This example here is a small collection of people in my One Name Study that have been found in ship records or city directories but not actually placed into a family. Sometimes I know what family I will connect them to but did not have time or I need to do deeper research to prove the “connection ”. When I make a connection, I just delete them from the spreadsheet. It’s very satisfying to chisle away at these brick walls. 

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  1. I have sometimes thought about doing a one name study but have been overwhelmed at the thought. Thanks for showing your spreadsheet.
    Visiting from AtoZ
    Jollett Etc.