Saturday, April 9, 2016

GENEANET: Why I use Geneanet.

For the uninitiated, Geneanet has some nice genealogical tools. I have been a free subscriber to Geneanet for over ten years and it never lets me down. I gravitated over to Geneanet because I discovered that many international researchers share their research online there.

My favorite thing is the Geneanet Email Alerts I receive in my emails. Once in awhile, I receive a listing, in an email format, of all my surnames ( with locations ) that were recently uploaded to Geneanet.

Here is a screenshot of the type of email I receive. It’s a pleasant company to sign up on because I never get any other emails (read: promotions) except my Geneanet Email Alerts.
As you can see from my own listings, I localized my preferences quite narrowly to the actual villages. On one of my surname listings, I did not list an ancestral village but I want to see where that surname pops up worldwide.

When you sign up, there are no limits to the quantity of surnames. Not depicted in this image in the Geneanet email alerts are my other surnames and that is simply because nothing has popped up for them yet. Occasionally, I get one of my surnames where the place of origins is unknown, lo and behold, I learn something and discovered a new connection!
I constructed a very small tree up in Geneanet but one does not have to do that at all. One can also upload a gedcom if they please. Geneanet family trees are displayed in the Sosa-Stradonitz Method. The set-up is very easy for English-speaking members.
I really do not know anything else about the company as I only use the Geneanet Email alerts. They apparently have a subscription service for Premium members, a genealogical community, plus more.
If you would like to sign up to only receive the Geneanet Email alerts, you can create a free account at

Once signed in, scroll down to the panel titled Geneanet Email Alert >> click on the title which will bring you to a page like this one.
The locations for your surnames can be selected by Country, Region/State. State/County/Subdivision and Place in a dropdown menu box. You can also set a date range; I don’t set a date range myself so I can cast a bigger net. I also put in a couple variations of the spelling of certain surnames to catch variants in a localized area.

One neat little thing that amuses me every time I sign into my account is the NAME DAY calendar so Happy Name Day to everyone called Celeste, Celestina, Celestine, Celesta.


  1. I am not familiar with this source, but I don't collaborate with any international researchers either. Thanks for sharing your experience.
    Visiting from AtoZ
    Wendy at
    Jollett Etc.

  2. Interesting - I will have to check it our further. Thanks for sharing

  3. Wendy, Dianne - you have been so great with your A-Z posts ! Geneanet does have American resources too

  4. Geneanet sounds like a site I need to check out. Thanks for the heads-up!