Thursday, January 3, 2013

I dreamed of genealogy ~ in Slovakia at Family Search.

Looking for George, John, Paul but not Ringo .
          This is a glimpse of what I dreamed last night!  As any genealogist knows, they mostly live, eat, sleep and breathe around the timing of when Family Search will "update" their digital images of records from their archives. For many months, I have not had the urgency to check the digital archives online as I knew (by heart) when their last updates surfaced and already mined what I needed.

Digital images online are a godsend. I still order many, many films and wait the proper 4-8 weeks at our library to read them at scheduled intervals but there is no doubt that as life gets more complicated with schedules, online research is a lifesaver. There is no thrill like seeing these hand-written books online .

Late last night, when I was resigning to an early bedtime, a colleague sent out the crucial alert on our forum that the LDS updated the Slovakia Churches and Synagogues collection ! Not only did I not sleep, but a blizzard pulled in to keep me working ! 

So if anyone is working on their Hungarian, Slovakian, Croatian records, the website is :
And if you not sure of the locations of the records, check the locations table at :


  1. I thought I'd let you know how much I really like your blog and how interesting it is to read about your family stories. I very much appreciate your comments and am happy to nominate you/pass on the "Wonderful Team Member Readership Award", which you can get more information on by going to:

  2. Dear Michelle, Thank you for the Readership award. As a newbie blogger, I learn so much from reading your blog and enjoy them so much !