Thursday, July 7, 2016

Something new at the Guild of One-Name Studies: FamilySearch Initiative.

For Marie
      Late last night, I uploaded my small One Name Study up to the Guild of One-Name Studies section of FamilySearch. It was really neat to see this happen as I felt ready to “let go” of my study and share it all. I already have a member website sponsored by the Guild running in the TNG software that publishes the study.

In July, the Guild of One-Name Studies announced another arrangement to help preserve the One Name Studies run by their members so they created the Guild of One-Name Studies Trees category in the GENEALOGIES section of FamilySearch.

Since joining the GOONS1, I have learned so much about research. I loved the courses I took to learn how to do it. I love the quarterly GOONS Journal that comes in the mail. I love how it’s a non-competitive, happy community of researchers who like to share their experiences and techniques with anyone who has the interest.

Coincidentally, the person who helped me upload my gedcom last night to FamilySearch was Marie Byatt2. What is interesting about Marie is that years ago when I was exploring different websites to post some genealogy, I came upon her Pepler One Name Study on Tribal Pages. Now, years later, with Marie's help at the FamilySearch & Guild of One-Name Studies Initiative, I am preserving my own study for the future.


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