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Hungary Exchange & Nick Gombash

One day while on the Hungary-L mailing list, a serious, young man popped in named Nick Gombash . It was this link to his website HUNGARY EXCHANGE that opened my eyes to realize that we have a great organizer amongst us :
I was so grateful that someone actually took the time to gather all the digital books about Hungary in one spot and share them with us. Generosity in it's finest moment. That's just the beginning of how much Nick has shared with us along the way .
In the early days of internet genealogy, we have had so many knowledgeable contributors helping the newbies out at Hungary-L as we scrolled through the microfilms at the LDS centers for our Hungarian genealogy . There were even a few Hungarian genealogical societies in the USA or helpful assistants at the Hungarian Churches in Detroit, Chicago , Toledo and many other old enclaves of Hungarian - American roots. There is a need for helping people with their Hungarian records. I delved into it and never looked back. I think this is what seized Nick Gombash when he started out. He never looked back and to see all that he has accomplished on his websites is amazing. He is, no doubt, a knowledgeable and major contributor for anyone discovering their Hungarian ancestry.
Nick began his genealogy research journey in 2001 on all his family lines, from Yankee to the European. He started up a database for a collections of records called the "Hungarian Marriage Project". It now holds over 45,500 marriages. Marriage records are a favorite of mine as you can get up to 3, 4 new surnames to work on if the clerk or priest wrote in the maiden names of the grooms' and brides' mothers .
HUNGARY EXCHANGE also has a surname database and databases particular for certain regions of Hungary. I just discovered that he is indexing the civil records in Hidvég-Ardó in Abauj .
I hope Nick never quits !
I recently landed on his facebook community page named Hungary Exchange for those of us who likes a little dose of social networking with genealogists of the same interests. It is a forum where one can ask for help with records, maps, history and all matters of Hungarian research. 
Like Nick, I did not want to " blog ". Rather stay holed up in a library and research than blog but to keep the flame going, we have to fan it, spread it out so others may catch it and keep it going for the next generation .
That last link I bulleted is the one Nick web page I consult regularly. It is one of the great pages of links. Thank you , Nick !

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